ICH E6(R2) GCP Sponsor’s Representatives Training

This training in English language provides an overview of the complete content of the requirements of Good Clinical Practice Guidelines and includes tasks and responsibilities of the:

  • Ethics Committee
  • Investigator
  • Sponsor

Training Options

eLearning: which is given as self-paced web-based training. The content is available in English language. Training time depends on the basics that participant has in the field of good clinical practice, as the pace of content review depends on each individual. The training includes a knowledge test. eLearning Centre User Manual.

Workshop: Training given in the form of a workshop for up to 8 participants with the possibility to upgrade the content with the basics of regulatory requirements in the field of clinical studies. The training lasts at least 8 hours and includes a test of knowledge.

Issuing Certificates

Knowledge test consisting of 20 questions. To obtain a certificate, 16 questions (80 %) should be answered correctly.


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