Privacy Policy

Adax is committed to safeguarding your privacy. Contact us at if you have any questions or problems regarding the use of your Personal Data and we will gladly assist you.

Data we gather

We use your Personal Data on legitimate grounds and/or with your Consent. Uporabljamo jih:

- to improve users experience
- to communicate with you
- to offer you a service or send you promotional material with your consent
- for updating you about changes with our website or services

Information you have provided us with
This might be your e-mail address, name etc – mainly information you enter in the contact form to send your inquiries about our services.

How we protect your data

We are working to the best of our ability to keep your personal information safe. We monitor our systems,  follow-up possible vulnerabilities and try to prevent attacks on our systems.

Despite the fact that we are working hard to the best of our ability, we can not guarantee complete information security. If unexpected violations arise in connection with the protection of personal data, we will inform the competent authorities, as well as you, about this.